A font can make or break a good design and while there is no set formula with choosing the right font for your specific project, there are a few tips I use to choose foolproof fonts to make my designs eye catching.

  1. Do not choose the latest cool font for all your design work.
  2. Remember your client. How will they respond to your choices?
  3. Decorative fonts are best used in moderation.
  4. A thick, heavy font gives a bold statement, where as a thin light weight font has a softer message to give.
  5. Keep it exactly the same or make it very different. Mixing similar fonts in your design will look like an awkward mistake.
  6. A font must always be readable.

Sometimes the latest cool font can really fit in a design to make it eye-catching, but do not get too carried away when a good time-trusted font would be a better fit. Readability does not only involve your font choice but also in the way the type is aligned — Which I wrote about in Type: is it Justified?

Do you have any useful tips to add that help make your decisions?