The differences between design and layout are pretty straight forward. Design is the over-all look and layout is the structure.

Design: Looking at the image below, the design includes the colour scheme, typography & images. Great use of a cool colour in the background to help the warm colours of the image in the foreground stand out. Only two type faces are used in the page design. A bold decorative font and an a sans serif which compliment each other nicely. Very simple but elegant design to keep with the look and feel of the business.



Layout: The image below is the same as in the design explanation but now it shows the layout of the page. Layout is all about the page composition. The process of placing the images and text.  The image is a two column layout, the width of the left column is smaller then the right and the top of the paragraph is lined up with the subtitles on the right. Also the gutter between the left and right columns extends the whole length of the page, splitting the words Cley and Windmill.  This layout makes it visually appealing as there are no sudden stops in eye movement. The eye runs from the title to the subtitles, to the image. The corner of the border on the image points the eye to the written portion and the clouds in the background softly sweep the eye back up to the title.